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Chiri's Place - photo from King Coal                          
Rockvale, Colorado--business district in the 1890's. Pictured here are stores, left to right
Colorado Supply store, Powell's Drug, Paradox newspaper, barbershop, Chiri's Saloon, and a business of unknown ownership.


photo furnished by Judi Chiri-Mulkey

Grandpa Chiri (a PowerPoint Show)


photo furnished by judi chiri 


Rockvale Town Field in 2003--photo by Perry Patterson                          

A Rocky Valley

Rockvale's rocky valley in 2003


Post Card - Rockvale 




1.  St. Patrick's Catholic Church

2.  YMCA

3.  Methodist Church

4.  Rockvale School


photo furnished by Judi Chiri 






Chiri's Pool Hall

James & Anton Chiri (owners) and bar buddies

(r-l) Frank Ziolkowski, Joe Rambish, and Domenic Lucerna


photo furnished by Judi Chiri 
Guys at the bar


photo furnished by judi chiri 





Chiri's Place circa 1943

photo furnished by Judi Chiri

James Chiri - born 1867 in Torino, Italy

emmigrated to the U.S. in 1897

photo furnished by Bonnie Maglietto Butler

Rockvale miners

photo furnished by virginia ziolkowski

An Old Fashion Italian/Polish Party


left ft: Joseph Ziolkowski, John Constanzo, William Ziolkowski, Willy Slack, Frank Kaminsky, Joe Di Carlo, Leon and Frank Ziolkowski, John Dalsant, and Johnny Constanzo, Jr.



photo furnished by judi chiri-mulkey 




Another view--later in time--of "the pool hall." Then the place was named "Mac's Place" and still offered the same comfort, camaraderie, and coziness as it did when it was originally opened in the early 1900's. The building was torn down in the late 1960's. The bar and back bar were sold and are now welcoming friends at an establishment in Leadville.

Picco Family

photo furnished by Cathy Picco Dell j


photo furnished by Judi Chiri-Mulkey 
Chiri's Place in the 1960's


Anton Chiri, Sr., Jacque Chiri & friends--photo from Judy Chiri 
Chiri's lot--2003--photo furnished by Norma Del Duca
Now a private home stands on the lot that was once Chiri's Place.



East of what used to be Chiri's Pool Hall is a park-----

Photo furnished by Yvette Beavers


Photo furnished by Yvette Beavers

Rockvale town hall - showing date of town's incorporation

Photo furnished y Yevette Bevers


Photo furnished by Yevette  Beavers 


Rockvale's Beauty

(click for larger image)



photo furnished by Alice Orsi Thomas





This photo shows how the yard is organized with paths and steps to every level.


furnished by Alice Thomas 

Alice Orsi Thomas with husband, Marion and son, Gary--yard & flowers garden


furnished by Alice Orsi Thomas 




Alice Orsi Thomas stands in her beautiful yard by the "Yard of the Week" sign. David Thomas enjoys the beautiful yard.


furnished by Alice Thomas 



photo furnished by Alice Thomas 


Rockvale Organizes Community CluB--1953

Rockvale Community Club (Alice Maglietto originated the idea.) organized October 5, 1953, and was called The United Boosters. It had as its primary aim projects for the benefit of community children. In achieving an impressive list of accomplishments, it also benefited every member of the community.

As documented by Mae Ziolkowski, the club had 17 charter members: Jackie Chiri, Rachel Carestia, Mary Carestia, Minnie Di Rocchi, Kathleen Goodwin, Mary Horvath, Dorothy Kissell, Alice Maglietto, Dolly Maltess, Eunice Rambish, Annabel Saindon, Frances Slack, Erma Stanfield, Vera Smith, Jeanne Wates, Mae Ziolkowski, and Virginia Ziolkowski. The first officers were: President, Alice Maglietto; Vice president, Kathleen Goodwin.

One of the first projects was an asset for Santa Claus. In 1953 when the group was just being organized, members gave a Christmas party for all Rockvale school children. Refreshments  and treats were distributed by Santa. School teachers were presented with a book for each room to be added to the library.

Priority projects of the women was to provide shadow-proof shades for the school auditorium and establish a library for use by all children in the community. 


Rockvale Community Club Photos

Rockvale Community Club in 2008

bk row--Pat Swindler, Wilma Bufmack, Betty Pardee, Marie Yoder, Juanita Wilson

fr row--Lorraine Veltri, frances Slack, Lena Sartoris, Donna Walker, Pat Buland, Carol Ohleson

photo furnish by Lorraine Veltri

The 2005-2006 newly elected officers of the Rockvale Community Club are: Lorraine Veltri, President; Wilma Bufmack, Vice President; Patricia Buland, Secretary; Mary Horvath, Treasurer, Marlene Killday, Chaplain; Wilma Bufmack, Card Chairman.

There are a total  of 18 members now.  Pat Buland and Marlene Killday are fairly new residents of Rockvale.  Pat and her husband
Mike are from Monument.  She is a really sweet lady, I would say probably in her early 50's and Marlene is in her late 60's.  Her and her husband were also from Colorado Springs. They are retired and traveled in a motor home. They finally settled in Rockvale. 


photo furnished by Alice Orsi Thomas 



A picnic held at Yvonne Flynn's home. (picture right)

(bk l-r) Yvonne Flynn, Mary Ann Walker, Donna Walker, Lena Sartoris, Dorothy Baccarella, Judy Kenagy

(ft l-r) Marylynn Maher, Louise Williams, Thelma Chorus, Mary Horvath, Ella Garner


Photo by Alice Thomas--Rockvale Community Club--August, 1998 





(L-R) Lena Sartoris, Frances Slack, Juliette Cool, Louise Williams, Ruth Massaro, Mary Horvath, Alice Thomas, Ella Garner, Yvonne Flynn, Donna Walker, Judy Kenegy



Rockvale Community Club--seven of the 17 charter members--fm judy chiri               



photo furnished by Bev Harris



Community Meeting Room

Rockvale Community Meeting Room built in the 1880's. Next to it is the old wooden school building.

The room is used by clubs and has a kitchen, restroom, and large area for meetings.





Trailhead dedicated to woman

Marylynn Maher, a Rockvale resident for 25 years,  stands in the Rockvale's Mesa Park in this September, 1995 photo. She was instrumental in construction of the Big Horn Trail at the park. The park is located on the south end of Rockvale. "Marylynn loved this town and particular this mesa," said Yvonne Flynn, president of the Rockvale Community Club. Marylynn was a member of the Rockvale Community Club from 1989 until her death in 1998, At a dedication ceremony in late August of 1998, a sign marking the trailhead of the park's Big Horn Trail was unveiled. Deeply engraved in the wood is Maher's name--a living testament to her work in creating the trail.


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